November 14, 2011

Educational Games For Kids

Whether or not we realize it, most of the games that we purchase for kids are educational games.  Makers of educational games for kids research many facets of children’s learning when they are developing toys or taking toys to the market place.

Apart from the fact that the companies do very well out of these games, it is a known fact that children will soon get bored with games that do not test their skills.  Without realizing it even fun toys will soon be discarded due to a lack of challenge.

Electronic Age

Today a lot of toys that come on the market are electronically based.  Children can now learn basic computer skills from games on learning tablets, electronic toy telephones, children’s electronic computer pc’s, and a wide range of games like Yahtzee, which were first introduced as board games but are not sold as electronic games as well.

Electronic games have written instructions and because the children are so keen to play, they soon learn what the instructions say. Children learn to think quickly, act quickly and learn to strategize when they play these computer based games.

In the educational system there are many learning based computer sites that children can go to to learn and count.

Non-Electronic Games

There are still hundreds of games that are not electronic based where children still learn the basic skills of reading,counting, reading, color choice and shapes.

Babies often start with simple block games where they have to identify a shape and then push a certain shaped block through a hole the same shape.  There are many different designs with these games but the theory is the same and the baby learns shapes and they are made up of different colors and with parent instruction they learn colors quickly as well.

As the children grow, building blocks are very popular and children create and design all sorts of projects. Often they start with something quite simple like building a wall or a tall house and as they get older they then start building structures like farms with paddocks, army barracks, office blocks and even structures such as bridges and roads.

Board games have always been family favorites and there is a myriad of board games that will teach children to learn colors, shapes, people dressed for different jobs, cars, planes and so on. The list could go on forever. 

Toddlers and small children still love snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers, Monopoly, and other dice throwing games as well.

Online Games

Every day there are new online games being put out in the market place and there is no denying that parental guidance needs to be used when children are using online games, but they can be fantastically educational and lots of fun too.

Educational games for kids will teach the children the alphabet, colors, counting, recognizing similar shapes using their memory, words and other learning activities that will be helpful when they are at school.

Children start working on computers as soon as they go to school and if they have had the chance to spend a reasonable amount of time playing educational games for kids before going to school then their computer skills will help them enormously with their computer lessons.

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