September 28, 2011

Hooked on Phonics Online Version Is Enticing to Children

Any adult in their twenties and thirties might remember the commercials for “Hooked on Phonics.” The jingle is most likely etched in their memory, as it is was all over the airways and is what thousands of parents have used to help their kids learn how to read through the years. This was especially true in the 1980s and 1990s.

Times have changed, because learning with Hooked on Phonics used to only take place with flash cards and books. Now, Hooked on Phonics online version incorporates:

·         Reading
·         Technology
·         Fun
·         Animation Characters
·         Computers

The combinations of these components are available over the Internet and is why this program is still popular today. This learning method opens up the world of reading, pronunciation, technology, and computers – something even little ones get excited about!

 Reading Is Much More Fun

Today’s kids are used to animation, technology, and excitement. This is why the Hooked on Phonics online version is so exciting. They think it’s fun to see an onscreen character talking to them. They want to repeat the phonetic word or sound, because they want to copy the animated creature. It’s exciting to mimic the sounds being made, rather than just listening to a recording. 

Using the Computer

The other aspect kids like about using the Hooked on Phonics online version is that it gives them an opportunity to use a computer. Even when they’re young, they want to copy their parents or adults. They suddenly feel older when they have permission to use the computer.

This online version has them answering questions by clicking on the correct answer. A child has to choose among three answers, so when the answer is right, the animated creature is going to say, “Great job, you’re a superstar!” Or if the selection is incorrect, they will hear, “Almost! Try again!” They’ll love it when the answer is correct, which is why they’ll keep trying until this is achieved.

“The program seems to provide a better opportunity for children to figure out words that they don't already know. Its focus on a systematic learning model leads children in small stages toward sounding out words with new sounds and memorizing common words that can't be sounded out.”

            - mother22grtgirls,

No Incorrect Answer

In reality, there is an incorrect answer, but the child doesn’t comprehend that. They don’t see an incorrect X. Instead, they are hearing constant encouragement to get the correct answer and move down the positive phonics path. When a correct answer is received, they hear lots of bells and whistles. This becomes motivational to keep up the hard work, and why Hooked on Phonics online version is vital to the learning process.

“I used this with my son to teach him how to read. I didn't realize how much I actually liked this program until it was time to teach my daughter how to read.”

            - jmlamichelle,

Child Becomes a Better Reader

The use of intensive phonics is going to help children become much better readers. The reason is they learn the exceptions to phonics rules, as well as learning how to sound out the new words. It means understanding word sounds and phonics rules. All of this knowledge helps children learn how to read much faster. The Hooked on Phonics online version is without all of the frustration, so they can have fun learning how to read.  

Finding the Online Version

The best place to look for the Hooked on Phonics online version is to go to the official website. This will offer the best support and there’s a money-back guarantee.

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